Weddings & parties 15 minutes from Stockholm.

Reservation terms and conditions


All reservations are confirmed in writing within two weeks of when the booking is made. The confirmation must be signed and returned; an advance payment is required. No later than four weeks before arrival, the reserving party must provide information regarding the exact number of guests and hotel rooms.

Payment terms

The customer is responsible for all costs incurred in connection with an order. If attendees at the event are to pay for anything separately, the customer must inform them accordingly, for instance on the invitation card, meeting summons or ticket, and specify what the order includes and what additional costs are to be borne by the attendees.

A 25% advance payment is due on all reservations. This amount is refundable if the booking is cancelled in accordance with the cancellation rules. If an agreement has been made regarding payment by invoice, the full payment is due within 10 days of the invoice date. If the payment is not made on time, Högberga Gård is entitled to charge interest on arrears to the amount of 2% per month.


No charge if cancelled up to 6 month before arrival.
6 months - 12 weeks before arrival, Högberga Gård retains the prepaid amount.
12- 4 weeks before arrival: 75% of the agreed/confirmed price.
Less than 4 weeks before arrival: Full charge.

Reduction in the number of guests

2-4 weeks before arrival: No charge for reductions of up to 10% in the number of guests.
Less than 2 weeks: Full charge.