Weddings & parties 15 minutes from Stockholm.

Wedding menu


  • Seared scallops with grilled lemon mayonnaise, dill and roasted black salsify
    (white asparagus served instead of black salsify in May and June)
  • Cured Arctic char with smoked trout roe, tomato, cucumber, eggs, chives and rye
  • Beef tartare with bleak roe from Kalix, garden cress, pickled white onion and toasted buckwheat

Main courses

  • Swedish steak with broccoli, baked leek, parsley and veal broth
  • Baked ling with blue mussels, tomatoes, fennel and herbs
  • Duck breast with roast cauliflower, spring onions, hazelnuts and lovage


  • Cheese platter with homemade crisp bread and pickled apricots
  • Raspberry with marshmallows and licorice
  • Chocolate terrine, toffee, yoghurt and peanuts

"Too much of a good thing can be delightful."